Yupradin Web Hosting telemarketing


Tele Marketing is commonly used for a number of reasons, among them are

  • Lead Generation,Gathering of Information and Contacts
  • Conducting Sales, using persuasion to sell your products and services
  • Appointment Settings, Our experienced tele-marketers can help get you the appoitnments with companies and individuals so you can go and meet them to present your products and services.
  • Surveys, We can help you conduct surveys via tele-marketing
  • Collection of Credits, We can help you chase for the outstanding payments that you need to receive.

Industries that frequently need Tele-Marketing services are those in:

Bullet  Publishing/ Content 

Bullet  Healthcare/ Medical

Bullet  Education/ Colleges/ Tuition Centres/ Training Companies 

Bullet  Events Promotion

We all know tele-marketing is one of the most earliest marketing strategies being used world wide, During the years it has been abused by many tele marketers to the extent that people actually do not respond well to this way of marketing. However due to our long years of experience we have learned the actual technique of making people hear us and respond in a good manner to our telephone calls. It needs to be done in a precise timing.